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About Me

Transforming Passion into Purpose


Growing up, health and wellness has always been a passion of mine. Before fad diets and social media trends, I understood the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and nutrition; beyond just the physical realm.

While overcoming a divorce, I realized that true health is taking care of not just physical, like I had been doing, but also the  spiritual, emotional and intellectual aspect of it; putting all of it together is what real health is!

Holistic Health is more than just Physical and Nutritional Wellness. It also encompasses Spiritual Wellness, Emotional Wellness and Intellectual Wellness. All of which make up various aspects of an individual and impacts their health to varying degrees. 


Here at Satori Wellness, my mission is to empower individuals through enlightenment. 



With so many different healing modalities out there, I like to offer an individualized approach to understanding the unique pain points of each client, as we move them towards the results they desire.  


Here at Satori, we specialize in working with 1:1 clients, group programs, executive and corporate coaching and workshops.


True transformation starts from within. Schedule your Free Holistic Health Coaching Consultation below. I look forward to taking the next stage of this journey together. 


“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being”

J. Stanford

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